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GCSE and A Level Options

Welcome to Options Week 2023-25. This year Options week for Year 10 and 12 pupils will take place "virtually". The up-to-date GCSE and Post-16 Prospectuses will be available from Monday 16th of January 2023.

On Monday 16th Mrs Devlin and Mr Brown will deliver a presentation to all pupils and presentations from all subjects will also be available on this page.

GCSE Presentations and details

Post-16 Presentation and details

Options Week 2023

GCSE / Level 2 Options

Please note that these presentations are a mixture of PowerPoint, videos and PDFs. If the presentation is a PowerPoint, it will download for viewing on your personal computer. If you are unable to view a video or PowerPoint then please let us know! Please also be aware that some of the files are a large size and may take a little while to download.

GCSE Prospectus

GCSE Option Sheet

The GCSE option sheet will be available to pupils during options week.

PDF Version - GCSE Options sheet

PDF Version - GCSE Occupational Studies Options sheet - for those pupils following the Purple Pathway

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GCSE Subject Presentations

Core Subjects

Optional Subjects

Please note, presentations may not open on some computers / platforms.

Post-16 / Level 3 Options

Post-16 Prospectus

6th Form Prospectus

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Post-16 Option Sheet

1st Trawl option sheet for Post-16 Options

Post-16 Subject Presentations

Please note, presentations may not open on some computers / platforms.